Adventures of an art girl

today, I made this:

It's #cooking in the crockpot and smells delicious. The recipe made 6-quarts, which comes to about 100 calories per cup, plus or minus. I’ll take that. I hope that the lentils cook thru. This recipe seems very healthy. I’m sure we will be farting all night.

I can’t wrap my brain around everything that I need to do this week. I seem to want to work on my own thing and be domestic, like work on a menu plan, organize, re-do files on my computer, and create a new piece of large 2-d art. But what I really should be doing is finishing up Fort Griffin… so I will tackle some of that today. Even a little bit is progress. Why do I have trouble finishing up projects and sending them off?

I’m hoping to get in some exercise this evening since I had a mini-binge in the afternoon. Sigh.

Oh, and still no news from the job prospect.